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Pure Raw Tupelo Honey 12oz bottle - Save up to 20 PCT

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NOTE: There has been a huge price increase for Tupelo Honey in recent seasons...there have been recent harvests that have yielded between 0-30% of what the beekeepers hoped to get...and last year wasn't much better. We buy huge amounts of honey a year in advance and have been holding our pricing well below market rates since we had an ample supply of past harvests. Now that we have depleted our inventories we have to restock at current market rates which are higher than previous years. We are hoping rates will go down next year if there is a good yield. We are always working to keep rates as low as possible, but unfortunately there is only so much Tupelo honey available and demand is huge which is driving rates up. Our Tupelo rates are still the most competitive on the internet and the quality is excellent...it is indeed a rare treat to have honey of this flavor and magnificent taste. 

Pure Raw Tupelo Honey - 12 oz. E-Z Squeeze Container

Tupelo honey is a premium honey produced in northwest Florida. It is medium bodied and is usually light golden amber with a mild, distinctive taste. Because of the high fructose content, Tupelo honey is one of the sweetest honey varieties, but rarely granulates. 

If you've never tried Tupelo Honey, you owe it to yourself to see if this is the best honey you've ever tasted!

Here in northwest Florida, Tupelo is the King of Honey!